Winners of the 2013 Manny awards at the Take Two Film Festival

Street Epics #5 feat. Bon Jane & Street Epics #10 feat. Moira Johnston by Babak Andishmand

As Life Found You by Dietrich Bruggemann

Laila by Yossera Bouchtia & Duy Nguyen

Ramona’s New Dresser by Bohdana Smyrnova

Behind The Scene by Yousheng Tang & Alex Kurze

Killing The Dog by Lauren McCune, Connor Stratton & Josh Evans

Speed Grieving by Jessica Daniels

Priceless Things by Sarah Violet Bliss

Lone Samaritan by Barak Heymann

Tengenenge by Jacquelyn Lobel & Dan Atkins

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Take Two Film Festival provides remarkable collection of enlightening films (Washington Square News)

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Take Two Film Festival

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Photo By Asher Bar Lev

   When Theatre 80 was first envisioned and built at 80 Saint Marks
Place, the neighborhood of the Lower East Side was a blighted area and
the term East Village had yet to be coined. We were among the first of the
cultural institutions that gave birth to the Lower East Side Arts Movement,
and led to the name East Village.
During Prohibition, 80 Saint Marks Place was a place where the city
council rubbed elbows with gangsters. It evolved into a nightclub that
became a showplace for performers of all kinds. Jazz greats such as
Thelonious Monk, Harry “Sweets” Edison, John Coltrane and Frank Sinatra
performed here. The tradition of excellence continued at Theatre 80 where
the careers of many famous performers were launched. Some of the
famous names are Gary Burghoff, Bob Balaban and even one of our
ushers, Billy Crystal.

   During the 1970s and 80s it morphed into a film
revival house that drew large audiences. The theatre was also visited by a
host of great names in theater, many of whom left their names, foot and
hand prints in the cement of our sidewalk. Recently Joan Rivers added her
name to the list of luminaries enshrined here.
The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation recently
recognized Theatre 80 with the Village Award for its place in the history of
the neighborhood. We remain relevant to the community, while continuing
to recognize and uphold our own traditions.
In this role, we are pleased to present the Take Two Film Festival.

Lorcan Otway

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